F.U.N. were an improv band who were occasionally foolhardy enough to go out and gig in north Wales. A radical mash up of free jazz, garage rock, punk and a bad day at primary school they built up a dedicated following. There was certainly no other band in the area who sounded anything like them. They released 3 albums all recorded straight to 2-track with primitive equipment between 1987-88.


The line-up is listed as the following on their third album

Vodah Pillweed: Guitar, voice, alto sax
Charlie H. Gamma: He percusses, voice, weird record collection
Wheel or Pilchard: Guitar, voice, bass walking, illbrain
Pete Townshend: Keyboard appliances and sampling, voice
Mr and Mrs Happysox: Vocals, descant recorder, bass and phone-calls

A little anagram solving will reveal links to some members of Burnham Burnham and a former member of staff at the late lamented Cob Records in Bangor

There were three albums: